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Design-Build Services

Using an integrated delivery approach on our design-build projects, we incorporate the experience of each design professional, our construction managers, and our customer’s team, and facilitate collaboration to ensure the best outcome for our customer.

Construction Services

Dsk Constructions’s vast experience in commercial and residential construction will be instrumental in the success of your project. We are team players and will bring our ingenuity, expertise, and our exceptional services to your project to make sure your construction experience is a great one.

Pre-construction Services

There are many steps to the construction of a new facility and one that is sometimes overlooked is the pre-construction service area. First and fore most we try to understand your mission and ultimate goal for your project. We review drawings and discuss client expectations. Where potential cost overruns exist, we explore cost-containment options. The DSK Construction team then plans the construction process and works to anticipate all aspects of each phase of the project. 

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